the diary drawings are in the original ca 12 X 12cm great
and onto normal typing paper drawn.
It are "tüskendoer"(westfälisch=by the way) drawings, the most part of it
are drawn on a "quiet" place, out of my rememberance. some comments contain idioms and metaphors,difficult to translate.
ifs the translation is false , i beg your pardon and please inform me under:

played... "03 June 2002"
The beginning of a birch...

Breakfast "02 June 2002"
...all on board a ship again. But before a Brunch at the Culture district Radbod, with Live-Musik and children care. (shortly there are also a Website www.culture

Fasciated "01 June 2002"
Cherry tree....

gossip "31. May 2002"
Already nearly a ritual action. To observe onto every weekly market.

away, off "30. May 2002"
The boat is left, mere the boatswain resides on board a ship. Wants know... the heart lovely, together with daughters is by the time Sunday to the families free time.

always already? "29. May 2002"
Gave it this moneycomputer already always ?

Flash "28. May 2002"
Are simple explodes inside garden. Gossip papaver.

a simple dance "27. May 2002"
One attempts it elegantly, the other casual and a third concentrates. "Kerbstonepolka".

... it’ll long "26. May 2002"
... lookout can be whole beautiful long.

wait for... "25. May 2002"
The heart lovely is on the way over the week-end... and we have been waiting... as to the stop.

Reverie "24. May 2002"
I don´t know where is the entrance... I don´t know where the Exit is... I don´t know, must it give .

carried "23. May 2002"
Honest... I dont know what that should

engrained "22. May 2002"
Can it be, one used to, that one elsewhere no more can...? ...draw I mean.

obedient... "21. May 2002"
Daughter Lilith is enthuses, as the Moon in the sky any motion accompanies.

over and over again "20. May 2002"
It is still the country of the thousand fire... the "Ruhrgebiet", mere differently now.

on the roof "19. May 2002"
Also a kind of baroque... Bottroper rooftop

ready for take off "18. May 2002"
Yet lies it onto sand, but the wind blows the sail and shortly laid we ex on the way to Bottrop

clean accidental "17. May 2002"
Washed, not to whispered. Conjectures, the vulture stand in compound with thoughts to policy and business community, are not intends and clean accidental.

out of dream "16. May 2002"
Now it is off, the good piece. After an year unsuccessful rust and hope that a good fairy overnight make a wonder, hangs our good old car now on the hook.

Fabulous "15. May 2002"
Prince at the pea... Bey four princesses sometimes the only one refuge...

what should that "14. May 2002"
No more delight to talk... No more delight to hearing... mere yet saw and recognize. Goes that ?

Of the chance aquaintance "13. May 2002"
Who one´s meets, if one with the pen on Paper walk. Then the asking goes on. Is he from father Day left, has a nice aquaintance made, or on the way to the boss, give notice, because he won in the lotto ?

to the "12. May 2002"
By now, I get it to go into the " Lippe" meadows. ... that’s country side pure.

once again "11. May 2002"
once again......

always the same "10. May 2002"
Helmut recognizes in all Phallus symbols. Well, then it should be like this, also if the tube is platitudinous.

simple flew "09. May 2002"
on journeys... the first warm days wake up journey Dreams. Just hang to the Parachutes.

Peru meets Hamm "08. May 2002"
Cogidos de las manos or hand in hand. Meret and Lukas on the way into the town.

wished "07. May 2002"
A haven, any. A sea front, anywhere. A hut, anyhow. Drawing, for any matter.

observes "06. May 2002"
In this roads, for the places, one is never without observation. Not only that you self always new discovers, you becoming also discovers. A good that nobody talk can.

remembers "05. May 2002"
Anyhow, come this shape into the Remembrance. As boy you has they ardent wished. What says the psychologist to it ?

stuffed "04. May 2002"
closed, because of congestion.

Soaking "03. May 2002"
a bath tub... is´nt it beautiful ?

Opposite direction "02. May 2002"
On the rope dance all. Crosswise is hard.

Also a demonstration "01. May 2002"
1. of May " Day of worker ", for here it look like not bad out.

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